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All about Armed Security Services in Houston, Texas

Aug 4

There are a lot of homeowners in Houston, TX who want peace of mind knowing that their family members and belongings are safe. While it is possible to hire a full-time security guard to patrol your property 24 hours per day, many people opt for private armed security services instead. The Armed Security Service in Houston offers a wide range of services from security audits and consultations to armed patrols.

Armed Security Services in Houston, Texas

Armed security in Houston as of January 2017 there are more than 150 licensed private hire companies that provide unarmed and armed security services Houston throughout Texas under Chapter 1702 (Private Security Services Code). This code applies to all entities providing these services. The Houston Police Department has an armed escort program that provides a visible presence of heavily-armed officers to act as a deterrent for crime on major streets and intersections during peak hours (Monday through Friday, from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.).

Why Armed security services in Houston are important

Houston Armed Guard Services are a good idea for people who own their homes or small businesses. For those with high-risk jobs, it's an absolute necessity. Armed security officers have the legal right to use firearms when necessary in order to protect themselves and others close by from armed attackers. They're trained in defensive tactics as well as intelligence gathering and investigation. Houston armed security is an important part of the Houston community as they help residents and business owners feel safe in their communities.

Types of security services offered by a company in the Houston area

  • Armed security service
  • Unarmed security personnel
  • Security guards

Armed security services in Houston, Texas offer a variety of different types of armed and unarmed protection. They sometimes work together to provide you the best overall coverage while on-site or at events. The company has trained professionals who are ready 24 hours a day for your needs. The primary goal is protecting people's lives with their firearms if necessary as well as property damage from any type of criminal activity including robbery, burglary, auto theft, and vandalism. It also provides safety equipment such as alarms, CCTV cameras, and fire detection systems. Their Unarmed security guards Houston officers can handle anything that may arise which could be encountered by a Houston Unarmed officers Services officer without jeopardizing the life of he/she or another person.

What to look for when choosing an Armed security service provider in Houston

In addition to the size and number of Armed security in Houston Officers on staff, you'll want a company that has 24/7 operations. Make sure they provide all the relevant licenses for your jurisdiction as well such as certifications from OSHA or BATF.

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