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Timeshare Cancellation Reviews - Wesley Financial Group, LLC

Sep 29

Wesley Financial Group - Timeshare Cancellation Experts

Timeshare owners seek to sell their timeshares for a variety of reasons. Too many promises have been violated by sales representatives and resorts. It's only fair that the owners who trusted these persons have the legal right to cancel.

Wesley Financial Group, one of the industry's leading timeshare exit providers, claims to be able to assist with this. The company, which employs over 300 people and is based in Nashville, Tennessee, has been in operation since 2012.

Wesley Financial Group claims to be able to assist you get rid of your timeshare mortgage and maintenance payments. According to a recent story, Wesley Financial Group has doubled the amount of timeshare cancellations that they handle. Wesley has helped over 20,000 timeshare owners with their timeshare problems. However, they have received multiple unfavorable evaluations and complaints from timeshare owners.

Who is Wesley Financial Group?

Wesley Financial Group positions itself as a pioneer in the timeshare cancellation market. According to, Wesley has around 348 workers, with offices in Las Vegas, NV and the Nashville, TN region, as of March 31, 2020.

The company, which was founded in 2011, solely provides timeshare exit services. Their principal goal is to help dissatisfied timeshare owners finally get rid of their timeshares.

Wesley Financial Group promises to release its customers from their timeshare obligations. They provide a money-back guarantee but no escrow payment option.

Wesley Financial Group Reviews

Because of their previous BBB suspension, Wesley Financial Group ratings are varied.

Who is Eligible to Work for Wesley Financial Group?

  • They specialize in representing timeshare owners who were deceived or under pressure during a sales pitch.
  • They also accept owners who are in debt and are unable to make their payments.
  • WFG matches timeshare owners with one of the 300 timeshare resorts with which they can operate.

What makes you ineligible to work with Wesley Financial Group?

  • Cannot accept timeshares acquired on the secondary market.
  • Do not join any travel clubs. Only timeshares are allowed.
  • Timeshares passed down from a family member or friend do not qualify.

Wesley Financial Group’s Website

Wesley Financial Group's website has a clean design, and one feature that jumps out is its focus on its CEO. According to them, the CEO filed a lawsuit against Wyndham. Wyndham is a big timeshare corporation, in case you didn't know.

We discovered that their CEO, Chuck McDowell, won the lawsuit because he did not reveal any trade secrets; you can read more about the dispute here. The website frequently emphasizes Chuck's advocacy for the consumer, and having the support of a company's CEO is a highly strong indication.

Video Testimonials for Wesley Financial Group

Video testimonials and Wesley Financial Group evaluations are also noteworthy. The CEO is shown in these video testimonials with two satisfied customers, and they also have a dedicated website for Trustpilot ratings and reviews. It shows its validity if a firm can back up its work with favorable evaluations and ratings and is prepared to display them all over its website.

Offers a Tools Page and Additional Content

The corporation includes a "Tools" website that assists timeshare owners in understanding the rising maintenance fees.

The use of tools can demonstrate how your timeshare will influence you in the long term. It might be eye-opening to consider how much money you are paying on a timeshare. There is no "FAQ" page at Wesley Financial Group. We would have loved it if Wesley Financial Group had a website dedicated to common questions a timeshare owner could have; this could be useful for someone who is unfamiliar with the process of departing a timeshare.

According to many Wesley Financial Group reviews, the firm delivers and honors its 100% money-back promise. As we noted on our escrow website, a money-back guarantee can be significantly less expensive than escrow.

To minimize complications later on, we recommend that you have everything in writing when signing a contract with any timeshare exit organization. We were unable to identify whether Wesley Financial Group employs attorneys. We determined after reading several reports that the firm sends letters to timeshare companies seeking the cancellation of your contract.

This strategy can be advantageous, but we always advocate hiring an attorney since it provides an added layer of security and ensures that you are legally protected. Would you put your faith in an attorney or someone else's word about who can properly cancel your timeshare? We'll leave that up to you to decide.

How Does Wesley Financial Group Work?

Wesley Financial Group's processing period to terminate your timeshare contract is normally 6-18 months. It also differs according on the timeshare company.

The procedure begins when an interested timeshare owner completes the WFG free consultation form. The form has places for you to enter your contact information. It also requires you to write down your timeshare developer and where they can be found beneath these lines.

Step 2 entails a review of the account with a designated Account Director. A member of their team will contact the owner to see if Wesley Financial Group is the appropriate fit for them.

WFG claims that they do not take on just anyone. In fact, according to the firm, around 40% of candidates do not go past the consultation step! But they don't say if it's the corporation or the owner who decides to halt progress.

If a timeshare owner passes the Account Review procedure, their issue is passed to the company's Resolution Department. At this point, one of their "cancellation professionals" will assist with the client to cancel the timeshare and pay off any debt.

There are several timeshare exit scams, and many timeshare owners have fallen victim to one. As a result, we continually highlight the need of having everything in writing. Take precautions from every viewpoint. 

Wesley Financial Group, at least online, isn't particularly upfront about how their Resolution Department handles matters or how their process works. Wesley Financial Group, we understand, does not provide an escrow payment option, but instead provides an in-writing 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Wesley Financial Group Cancellation Qualifiers

As we just indicated above, Wesley Financial Group does not accept every case. The firm only works with timeshare developers whose contracts they may terminate. This is a good thing because you don't want a corporation to take anything. Being selective is a good thing.

Many owners are unaware that if their timeshare was inherited, the corporation would not accept their case. Because you were not present, you were not subjected to misrepresentations or high-pressure sales methods. The exit firm cannot assist you in this case. There are workarounds.

You may be able to cancel the timeshare on your own in certain circumstances. Certain resorts provide a scheme in which they will buy back your timeshare. Contact us to find out which resorts offer this service and if it applies to your situation.

Wesley Financial Group Fees

Wesley Financial Group rates vary, as indicated in various reviews. Wesley considers if your timeshare contract is paid off or if you still owe a mortgage when establishing the price.

If you have a mortgage on your timeshare, the fee will be more than if it is paid off. After reading several evaluations, the typical price ranges between $4,000 and $7,000. In the timeshare exit sector, the price is generally low.

Some timeshare exit businesses ask $10,000 up front for a fully paid-up timeshare. When you receive the first quotation for Wesley Financial Group fees, we urge that you seek a lesser price. Always bargain the price with any timeshare departure provider since they want your business.

Wesley Financial Group Ratings

Nonetheless, the Wesley Financial Group BBB website gives the firm a "A+" rating. They also have a 4.8/5 star rating from 934 previous customers.

Wesley Financial Group also has a Google rating of 4.6/5 stars based on 573 reviews.

We concluded the firm had 934 Trustpilot ratings and a 4.8/5-star rating after thoroughly examining the Trustpilot reviews.

"WFG came through and did the work they had promised," several of their clients said. However, there are 11 Yelp reviews with a 2/5 star rating. Our staff found no evidence of a Wesley Financial Group fraud, but their Yelp rating was cause for caution.

After careful consideration, we have assessed a 3.5/5.0 MTER Rating. Wesley Financial Group does generally have positive reviews on several platforms. But we ideally want our clients to pay no up-front fees because of the vulnerable position it puts timeshares owners in.

Thousands of people are tired by their timeshares, which have become more of a financial burden than a holiday destination. Paying to get out of a timeshare might be an additional strain. If you need an added degree of security, look for a provider that offers escrow payment.

Wesley Financial Group Lawsuit

31 January 2022 - "Travel & Leisure, the Orlando-based timeshare corporation formerly known as Wyndham Destinations, filed a lawsuit Thursday in Florida Middle District Court against Wesley Financial Group, its sibling company Wesley Credit Repair, and owner Chuck McDowell for claimed Lanham Act breaches."

Shutts & Bowen accuses Wesley Financial Group of misleading timeshare owners by falsely promoting services that purport to help with the 'cancellation' of current timeshare contracts. Wyndham Vacation Resorts, Inc. et al v. Wesley Financial Group, LLC et al is the case number.

Diamond Resorts, a global pioneer in the hospitality and vacation ownership industries, filed a federal complaint in June 2020 against Wesley Financial Group, LLC and its founder and CEO, Charles William "Chuck" McDowell, alleging fraudulent business practices and false advertising.

The vacation giants have made bold remarks, but they have been on a suing frenzy all things considered. We discovered they're suing 5 other big exit firms when reading through their "News Releases" website. In addition to Wesley Financial Group, they are pursuing Timeshare Exit Team, Pandora Marketing, Newton Group, Timeshare Freedom Group, and others!

Wesley Financial Group was involved in another lawsuit against Westgate Resorts on March 2, 2021. Westgate attests to the falsity of Wesley's assurances, stating, "Wesley does not have a lawfully cognizable plan for obtaining what Wesley assures." (March 2, 2021, M.D. Tennessee) Wesley seeks to have Count III of the Amended Complaint regarding Injunctive Relief and Damages dismissed. This demonstrates a violation of the Tennessee Consumer Protection Act of 1977.

In a recent episode of the Dave Ramsey Show, which aired on May 20, 2021, Dave explains how Diamond Resorts is even going after consumer lawyers. Dave claims it's because they're attempting to drive away their competitors!

Whatever you feel, we encourage you contact us to assist you choose the finest exit firm for you!


Who is the owner of Wesley Financial Group?

CEO Chuck McDowell owns Wesley Financial Group, LLC privately.

Where can I find Wesley Financial Group?

Wesley Financial Group is based in Franklin, Tennessee. However, it also maintains offices in Nashville, Tennessee, and Las Vegas, Nevada.

What is the online reputation of Wesley Financial Group?

Wesley Financial Group has a Better Business Bureau rating of 4.81/5, 4.8/5 from 901 Trustpilot ratings, and 4.6/5 from 478 Google reviews.

What days and hours does Wesley Financial Group operate?

The hours of availability are 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM local time. However, they will occasionally have specialists available till 8:00 p.m.

What is Wesley Financial Group's contact information?

9009 Carothers Parkway, Suite B337067, Franklin, Tennessee 37067

Final Thoughts

Wesley Financial Group evaluations vary across platforms. They are, in general, a reputable timeshare exit firm. Due to the recent suspension, we recommend that you contact us first before dealing with WFG.

Wesley Financial Group has received multiple great ratings on Trustpilot and other websites. We would have preferred that WFG utilize attorneys in the cancelling procedure. We don't believe in paying upfront fees for tasks that you can undertake yourself. If you have a timeshare with a mortgage and ongoing maintenance expenses, we may assist you in permanently removing this debt.

For a free tailored consultation, please review our website and fill out the form on the right or contact us via Live Chat. Our staff suggests dealing with reputable timeshare departure businesses that provide an escrow option, which means you pay no up-front costs until your timeshare contract is canceled. Every year, hundreds of timeshare scams occur; protect yourself from being a victim.