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Newton Group Transfer - Timeshare Cancellation Review

Sep 27

Newton Group Transfer Review

Who is the Newton group?

Newton Group Transfer is a well-known timeshare exit company. The firm was established in 2003. Newton Group is one of the oldest timeshare exit providers, having been in business for over 18 years.

The company is currently situated in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and continues to assist timeshare owners in all 50 states. According to the firm, it specializes not only in helping customers in exiting unpleasant contracts but also in offering legal aid.

This was not always the case. Newton Group Transfers began as a software firm that provided help to various enterprises under the brand name Newton Group ESA. The firm then recognized an opportunity to build novel timeshare-focused software solutions as it continued to service timeshare termination agents.

Newton Group also created a web-based Customer Relationship Management system that assisted the organization in streamlining and automating client contacts.

Newton Group takes pride in being one of the few timeshare departure companies that provide two distinct types of services for a single flat charge. The firm offers both timeshare cancellation knowledge and legal counsel.

However, Newton Group may be picky about its clients. They do not accept every applicant who indicates an interest. Newton's preliminary examination procedure evaluates applicants' timeshare circumstances to see whether each case has a reasonable likelihood of success.


  • It is a seasoned industry veteran with more than 15 years of expertise.
  • It provides free consultations.
  • Newton Group offers timeshare transfer services as well as legal assistance.
  • The business tailors your timeshare cancellation to your requirements.
  • Newton Group provides a money-back guarantee.
  • It has received good marks from previous buyers.
  • It has a track record of canceling timeshare contracts.
  • It features a staff of service providers that are highly responsive and polite.


  • It only works with a limited number of consumers.
  • The firm expects consumers to pay in total upfront, with no option for escrow.
  • Its pricing is not readily available.

What are Newton group transfers?

Newton Group Transfers offers both timeshare leave and timeshare transfer services through an attorney.

Is the Newton group a legitimate company?

The Newton Group, for example, has a fully recognized business profile on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an overall BBB rating of A+, and consumers have collectively given the firm an average rating of 4.64 out of 5 stars.

Newton Group Timeshare Exit Costs

The price of Newton Group's services is not listed on its website. However, this is not unusual. Many timeshare exit businesses would not provide price until they have analyzed your specific scenario.

The Newton Group does welcome you to book a free consultation by calling or completing the web form. After you submit your vacation timeshare information, its personnel will analyze your case to determine whether or not you will be accepted as a client.

If you get the go-ahead, you'll obtain a customised timeshare exit plan with cost information.

According to customer feedback, the Newton Group charges its timeshare exit clients between $3,000 and $9,500. The easiest cases have the lowest charges, while the most difficult timeshare cases have higher rates.

However, it should be noted that the personal quotations are not fixed in stone. You might attempt bargaining with the Newton Group's sales team. If your case fits the company's guidelines, you might be able to negotiate a cheaper payment.

In order to proceed, you must make your payment in advance. This fee grants you access to all services, including the linked legal practice. Newton Group will ultimately decide if exit services or legal representation are the best option for your timeshare termination case.

Lawsuits Against Newton Group

Newton Group has avoided judicial disputes with its timeshare exit clients. According to court documents, its connected law company, DC Capital Law, has launched a number of timeshare withdrawal cases on behalf of Newton Group clients.

However, Newton Group has been named in a number of lawsuits filed by timeshare resort providers.

Diamond Resorts, for example, has launched various lawsuits against Newton Group (and numerous other timeshare exit businesses) in recent years, mostly in reaction to timeshare cancellations instigated by the corporation.

Here's an example of a court challenge that was eventually dismissed:

Diamond Resorts vs. Newton Group

Diamond Resorts filed this complaint, alleging that Newton Group misled timeshare customers with a "false" marketing.

Newton Group, according to Diamond Resorts, sent out "false" material warning timeshare owners that they "could be affected by new timeshare rules that allow developers the authority to hike maintenance costs without constraints."

Diamond Resorts contested the existence of such a legislation, claiming that timeshare companies are not permitted to raise maintenance costs without limitation.

Newton Group's Response

Newton Group reacted by providing unambiguous proof to the court that the directive existed, including as evidence publications written by Diamond Resorts itself warning timeshare buyers that various maintenance costs may be increased without restriction.

The Court's Verdict

The federal court ruled with Newton Group Transfers and denied Diamond Resorts' request on July 31, 2020.

Where is Newton Group located?

Newton Group Transfers' headquarters are in Grand Rapids, Michigan.