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ILR Solicitors London

Sep 22

Indefinite Leave to Remain Solicitors 

The Home Office lacks any legitimate justification to deny an application for indefinite leave to remain that is properly prepared, well-supported, and complies with all immigration laws. Because of this, almost 99% of ILR cases made by Adamir Solicitors are approved.

Those who want to make the UK their home and stay there for the foreseeable future should apply for indefinite permission to remain (ILR).

Contact the immigration department at Adamir Solicitors Ltd at 0203 302 0074 for comprehensive and customised guidance on yAdamir Solicitors ILR application. You may also get in touch with us online.

Adamir Indefinite Leave to Remain Solicitors Ltd UK indefinite permission to stay attorneys may help with a variety of problems, such as:

  • Eligibility for indefinite leave to remain
  • Information about the Life in the UK exam and Biometric Residence Permits
  • completing the applications for indefinite leave to remain
  • Refusals to grant indefinite leave to remain, court reviews, and appeals

For individuals with various forms of visas and other immigration statuses, Adamir Solicitors Ltd may assist with applications for indefinite permission to remain. Check out Adamir Solicitors handy guide for more details on the indefinite leave to remain that apply to your situation.

Your chances of submitting a successful application for indefinite permission to remain are increased with the commitment of the top immigration lawyers in London.

Contact Adamir Solicitors London attorneys for indefinite leave to remain right now.

They can speak with you in person, over the phone, or online using Web Conferencing tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx, or Skype to go over your immigration needs.

To speak to Adamir Solicitors leading indefinite leave to remain lawyers in London, please call now on 0203 302 0074 or use Adamir Solicitors simple online enquires form.

Why apply for indefinite leave to remain?

If you are granted ILR, you can:

  • emigrate permanently to the UK.
  • Do not stress about submitting additional visa applications or fulfilling qualifying requirements.
  • Not required to request a visa extension. Take a job without your employer needing a Sponsor Licence from the Home Office to hire you, and without having your
  • Employment constrained by the rules for work visas and skilled worker visa eligibility.
  • Unrestricted travel to and from the UK.

Adamir Solicitors indefinite leave to remain advice services

Eligibility for indefinite leave to remain

When determining your eligibility for ILR, a member of thier immigration team will take into account the bare minimum of time you must have been in the UK before requesting indefinite leave to remain.

Most candidates can submit an application for ILR five years after completing their residency requirements, while this time frame may be shorter or longer. Extended absences from the UK during the time of residency are subject to complicated procedures. The following elements determine how long the residency requirement will be:

  • Your category of visa.
  • Your capacity for maintaining your financial stability.
  • Your marital status, as well as the country of your spouse, if you have one.
  • You're immigration background.

Your chances of submitting a successful application for indefinite permission to remain are increased with the commitment of the top immigration lawyers in London.

Hints for the Life in the UK exam

Any applicant for ILR must now demonstrate that they have passed the "Life in the UK" exam as part of their application. They can provide you advice, assist you in finding the proper testing facility, and help you get ready for the exam.

Residence Cards with Biometric Data

You must submit proof of your biometric residency permit (BRP) in support of your request for indefinite leave to remain. That's because your BRP contributes to the verification of your identification and present immigration status.

Your former biometric residence permit will be changed to reflect your current status after you have obtained your indefinite leave to remain. The biometric residence permit is a crucial document since it demonstrates your eligibility to not only live and work in the UK but also to do things like rent property or establish a bank account there.

Assistance with applications for indefinite leave to remain
A request for an ILR cannot be properly submitted unless it is accompanied by the required fee in local currency, as stated in immigration Rule 30 of HC 395.

Adamir Solicitors team of immigration attorneys will walk you through the ILR application form, explain the proper cost, and outline the supporting documentation that must be provided. You may see a list of the available application forms online.

They encompass the following kinds of indefinite leave to remain:

  • FORM SET (M) - ILR application for partners
  • FORM SET (DV) ILR application for victims of domestic violence
  • FORM SET (F) - ILR application for children
  • FORM SET (BUS) - ILR application for representative of an overseas business
  • FORM SET (O) - ILR application for other purposes/not covered by other application
  • FORM SET (P) - ILR application for refugees or person granted humanitarian protection
  • FORM SET (LR) – ILR application for individuals applying under the 10 year long residence rules


Indefinite leave to remain refusals, judicial reviews and appeals

It may clearly be quite upsetting to have your application for indefinite leave to stay rejected, but the good news is that in many situations, you may be able to reverse this with the proper legal help.

ILR applications are frequently denied for straightforward procedural issues, like as errors on the application forms, which is why working with a knowledgeable immigration attorney is so important.

You have three alternatives if your application for indefinite leave to stay is denied:


  • Submit a new application – if there were mistakes in your previous application or important information was missing
  • Judicial Review – if you believe there were procedural errors in the way your application was handled, leading to its incorrect refusal
  • Make an indefinite leave to remain appeal – if your application was related to a protection claim or human rights claim

Adamir's indefinite leave to remain, lawyers, are very experienced in dealing with ILR refusals, so can advise you on your options and help you to achieve a better result wherever possible. They can also assist with making an urgent application if there is a reason your case needs to be heard quickly.


Let Adamir Solicitors assist you with obtaining indefinite leave to remain in the UK. 



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