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Protection from Abuse: It’s Not Just Physical

Apr 4

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You Have Options to Protect Yourself

If you are the victim of abuse in your home or elsewhere, you deserve to seek protection. No person should live in fear, and there are legal ways to protect yourself. A protection from abuse order can help you find a bit of relief, knowing that you are backed by legal protection and that law enforcement has a record of the order. Our Harrisburg family lawyer at The Law Office of Jason R. Carpenter can help you obtain a protection from abuse order by representing you in court to plead your case. With the knowledge, empathy, and experience needed for such sensitive cases, Attorney Jason Carpenter can be an ally in your time of need.

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Abuse Comes in Many Forms

Every case of protection from abuse is unique and deserves to be treated as such. Your specific circumstances may require future counseling, medical attention, or may even warrant a criminal case. Unfortunately, abuse comes in many forms and you are not required to deal with any of it.

Victims of abuse may request a protection order due to:

Physical abuse or violence: This includes cases of recent or previously documented physical abuse or violence, or threats of physical harm to you, your children, or your family members. The protection from abuse orders may prevent your abuser from contacting, threatening, harassing, or abusing you or your family, and may prevent the abuser from living in your home. It can also prevent the abuser from owning a firearm and from being within a certain distance from your workplace or school.

Psychological abuse: When an abuser prevents you from living a reasonably normal daily life through psychological harassment, belittlement, degradation, or controlling words, you can obtain a protection from abuse order. This can prevent all contact including email, text, phone, gift delivery, or third-party contact.

Harrisburg Protection from Abuse Orders

When you require legal protection from an abuser and are facing a day in court to plead your case, let Harrisburg family law attorney Jason R. Carpenter be the strong representation that you need. Our team can help you prepare for your case, process the paperwork, and provide the legal counsel necessary when you stand up for yourself against an abuser. You deserve to live life free from fear, a protection from abuse order can be your first step towards that freedom.

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