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The Advantages of Divorcing in the Summer

Mar 18

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After enduring an unhappy marriage for far too long, you are preparing to file for divorce. You have done extensive research, you understand the basics of the divorce process in Pennsylvania and know what to anticipate. Now, you are simply wondering when you should file.

You may be thinking about filing for divorce now. Or, perhaps you think you should wait until the fall, winter or even next spring.

It is important to understand that filing for divorce now, during the summer, has several advantages worth considering.

Top 3 reasons to file for divorce during the summer months

1. Less stress on children

Divorce is often very stressful for children, regardless of age. Mitigating the stress on children of a marriage during the divorce process as much as possible is important.

If you opt to initiate the divorce during the school year, it could have a much more dramatic impact on them. Not only are they coping with the family split, they are juggling school work and testing, extracurricular activities and sporting events.

Alternately, filing for the divorce in the summer might help mitigate these stress levels, as children often do not have the pressure of homework and other simultaneous activities that occur during the months school is in session.

2. Sunny skies and longer days

Summer weather tends to bring out the best in us. Sunny skies, warm weather and blooming flowers often cultivate optimistic moods and positive wellbeing. It can be particularly difficult to undergo a divorce during the short, cold and often overcast days we see during the fall and winter months.

3. Timeframes

The length of a divorce will vary from couple to couple. The entire process, from filing the paperwork to dividing property to determining a custody arrangement, can take time. In some situations, it can take only a few weeks; in others, a few years.

However, for most couples, finalizing a divorce will likely take several months. The sooner you take action, the sooner you can begin a new life.