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Bad Mattress: Signs and Symptoms You Need to Know

Feb 16

A sleepless night can be blamed on a noisy neighbor, your sleeping partner, or a late-afternoon mug of coffee or glass of wine. While any of these factors may seem plausible, the real culprit behind your sleeplessness could be hidden under your nose.


There's a problem sleeping But you're not certain that it's caused by your mattress or your snoring your bed partner. It is important to pay attention to different indicators. Certain signs can be observed through the mattress, while others can be only felt.


How can you tell if your mattress is time to replace it?

Continue reading to learn about the warning signs of a poor mattress. You may need to replace your mattress if you are experiencing any of these symptoms.


Our selection of mattresses at the mattress store Tucson offers something for everyone. It is certain to make you feel rested after a restful night's sleep. They are designed to provide ease and comfort.


  • You awake in the morning with a tired feeling


It's like you've not slept at all even though you had eight hours of sleep. What's this? It's a regular event and not the way we'd want to begin our day.


Even after you've slept for eight or 18 hours, however, it doesn't affect your sleep. If you're sleeping on a mattress that isn't comfortable you could find that your body doesn't get enough quality restorative sleep. If you are going to blame your Tucson mattress store for your poor sleep take a look at the below list.


A poor diet can trigger stomach discomfort, gastric issues, and digestive disorders which can hinder getting a good night's rest. all of which can contribute to a restful night's sleep.


Insufficient exercise or not having enough exercise can impact the way you sleep. A strenuous workout before going to bed may overstimulate you and produce the opposite effect in comparison to a regular workout routine that is moderately intense.


Getting ready for bed -Exposure to excessive blue light as well as caffeine consumed late in the day, drinking at night, and many more are things to avoid prior to the time of bed.


It is important to recognize that you may have other sleep disorders if you are experiencing sleep problems. You should check your mattress for any of the above. Your body could be trying unsuccessfully to settle into a good sleeping position if you're constantly turning and tossing around all night long. You might need a new mattress if you're unable to find a comfy place to sleep.


  • It's a struggle to sleep. getting to sleep.


The music you've tried to sleep with hasn't worked, so you've decided to cut down on the amount of screen time you use one hour before bed. You've tried everything you can dream of. Even the best at breath control, if your mattress isn't supporting your spine or giving your body the level of firmness that it needs, it may be an impossible feat.


A typical night's sleep for an adult can range from 10 to 20 minutes. It is possible to need an hour sleeping each night if a frequent sleep-deprived person.


  • You're Sneezing a Lot

Pollen is a common allergen If you're more prone to coughing, blowing your nose, or experiencing irritation due to itchy eyes, it might not be the root of the problem. Dust mites, which are a typical allergy that is common in homes, could be the reason.


A scratchy throat and a rash that appears on the skin, or a postnasal drip could all be caused by these microscopic organisms that love to burrow into humid, warm areas such as mattresses and sofas.


Our mattress can help to avoid dust mites. Make use of our mattress protector to protect your mattress. It will shield you from any bugs, and other irritating substances. It keeps you cool and comfortable while shielding you from dust as well as mites.


  • You've Been Sleeping on The Same Mattress For More Than Ten Years.


Certain mattresses last longer than other mattresses. But how long will the mattress last? After 7 years, many will begin to degrade in their quality despite they're designed to last at the very least many years. Mattress protectors can be an effective way to extend the life of your mattress in the event that it's been many years since you last bought an upgrade then it's time to think about upgrading.


Your mattress is supposed to last for a long time. Be sure to follow these guidelines:


  • Clean your bedding regularly.

  • Make use of a mattress pad or protector to safeguard your mattress.

  • The mattress needs to be replaced every 3 months.

  • Reduce the time your pet is sleeping on your bed.

  • If you wish for your mattress to stay in place for a long time, a sturdy frame or box spring is essential.


  • There are aches and pains that you feel.


Is it possible for mattresses to cause discomfort and aches in the body? I would say yes. It's possible that your mattress could be the reason for your persistent back and neck pains after you get up in the morning. With time your mattress will be less supportive, firm, and structured, which may make it difficult to get the rest you need.


You may also have an uncomfortable mattress firm or your sleeping habits aren't working right from the start. It could be that your mattress is stiff, too soft, or isn't supportive of your waist, hips, or back. It's time to look for an improved ergonomic design that can provide you with a more comfortable and more restful sleep. The first step in choosing between soft and firm mattresses is identifying your specific preferences for sleep. The second step is to find a mattress retailer in Tucson with the mattress with various support zones.


  • Your mattress seems and feels unevenly dispersed.

It's time to buy a new mattress if you feel that yours is uneven or less cushioned. Although you won't be able to tell it you'll feel the difference as soon you lay down on it. You can find an even surface in your mattress however it is not always possible.


This is one of the most serious symptoms of a mattress. It could lead to problems with sleep, and may even lead to health problems.


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