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Keep cool with these 6 Air Conditioning Hacks

Feb 2

Do you find the idea of an air conditioner cooling your body making you sweaty? Here are some ideas for keeping cool, saving money, and putting the old one away.


According to Google, the website, running an air conditioning window unit the whole summer can cost you $300. What room do you prefer? How about the bedroom? This could be your personal office. How about the living room? If summer is here, do your entire family gather in the loud, dripping, and squeaky machine? Are there always people complaining about how cold it is inside your home and how the heating and cooling Colorado Springs have done everything right?

So, what's your goal to achieve?

CFLs and LEDs are good options. If you need another reason you can read about it here. A majority of the energy that is used by incandescent lamps is wasted as heat. While CFLs and LEDs will just have a slight effect on the temperature in your home, they also save (more) energy.


  • Get some fresh air in. It is a good idea to open your windows at night. A fan is a great option to create white noise in areas with a lot of noise. It's still more effective than an AC unit. You can also enjoy the sound of peepers and crickets while you're asleep if you live in the countryside. They'll delight you at night.

  • Shut the curtains. You'll feel the coolest air in the morning, but when the sun sets and temperatures increase, close the curtains. When your home is absorbing as much cold air as it can, close the doors and pull the blinds to block out the cold air. Even though it seems contradictory the late afternoon or evening self will appreciate it.

  • Take the stove off the table and relax around the fire. It's not the best way to end the day by cranking up a large appliance to 350 degrees in the home.

  • You can feel the chill of the freezer. Prior to going to bed, throw those fresh cotton sheets in the freezer for a few minutes. Enjoy a fresh, cool-to-the-touch bed.

  • Utilize airflow in innovative ways. You might be surprised if you think fans were just for blowing air in. Get all of the hot air from your window fan by turning it upside down. If you place windows side-by-side the hot air will be pulled away and cool air will be drawn in. Test different designs to find the best one to fit your space. It's possible to even receive the top-of-the-line that is across the breeze if you're lucky.

  • Connect to your roots. In front of the fans, place a large bowl or roasting dish filled with ice. The breeze will transport the cold air with you. It was the way it was prior to air conditioning, and it was effective!


Do you need to take down one quart? Fill it up,' says the voice of the narration. Your body requires water to keep cool, therefore it is essential to drink plenty of fluids throughout the day. It is normal for your body to sweat.

Shower with ice water. It's energizing and saves energy, and studies have found that it may improve productivity.

Unplug. It is more beneficial to unplug electronics than just turn them off at night. This can reduce the temperature of your house and help you save money on electricity.


These are only few suggestions to keep cool in hot weather. Remember to think about the bigger picture. You can use the money to plant trees and shrubs around your home or build blinds for your windows. While $300 might appear like a large sum during the summer months, bear in mind that, collectively we can make significant reductions in energy use.

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